Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Racing Season

The 2012 race schedule has been in the works for quite some time now. There were two routes I saw as possible options for this year.  One would have been racing smaller local races with the goal of making some $$.  The other was racing quite a bit less but making them bigger, higher profile races.  After much debate with coach Liz here is what it came down to.

Super Seal- San Diego, CA
Collegiate Nationals-Tuscaloosa, AL
Rev3 Quassy
Rev3 Portland
Rev3 Dells

I had planned on doing the Miami 5150 race until they cancelled it so that forced me to find another race.  Super Seal is on the last weekend of Spring Break and looks like it will be a great tune up for Collegiate nationals.  In 2010 I was 6th overall in Lubbock and hope to improve on that this year.  I have raced the Tuscaloosa course a few times and really like the course an venue.

The big question was what to do after nationals.  These halves were spaced far enough apart to have a solid recovery and get back into it before racing again.  With having done two before but crashing and not feeling like I got my moneys worth out of that race I am ready to get after some more half distance races.

When it comes to my race schedule the best thing to do is find what excites me.  There is no point in doing all of the training for a schedule that does not get the butterflies going.  The halves did this so bring it on!

Studio is still slowly progressing.  Hopefully the individual work will become group work and we start making something sweet.  Last Friday we met with the people at Reiman Gardens and got an idea of what they are looking for.  They are very open to ideas so we are still in outer space with our ideas.


  1. Should probably come to Boulder for a training camp!

    1. When would be a good time? Sometime in May?

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